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According to the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 this cookie policy explains how we use cookies and similar technologies to enhance your browsing experience on our website. Vertic® a brand off New Start srl is the data controller; our head office is at Via Massimo D'Azeglio 48 40124 Bologna.

What are cookies and similar technologies?

Cookies are small text files that can be stored on, and accessed from, the browser on your device whenever you visit our site. Similar technologies, such as web beacons, transparent GIFs and all forms of local storage introduced by HTML5, gather information on site usage. For the remainder of this policy, the term “cookies” is used to refer to both cookies and similar technologies.

What types of cookies are there?

Technical cookies

  • We manage and use the following types of cookies in accordance with this cookie policy.
  • Session cookies: These are necessary for a website to work properly and are erased when you close your browser.
  • Our site uses “acceptCookies”. You may deactivate this cookie, but please be aware that the quality of your visit may be reduced and our site could not work properly.

Persistent cookies:

  • These allow websites to collect and analyse your data anonymously to enhance your visit, e.g., your language selection may be recorded and set automatically for future visits.
  • These cookies are not deleted when you close your browser; they are saved on your device for two years or, if sooner, until you delete them.
  • Both session cookies and persistent cookies are first party cookies managed directly by Vertic® a brand off New Start srl.

Analytical cookies

  • Analytical cookies allow us to track the number of visitors to our website anonymously to monitor and enhance the browsing experience.
  • Our site uses “Google Analytics”, a third-party cookie managed by Google Inc.
  • For more information on how Google manages this cookie, please consult the group’s  Privacy Policy
  • You can deactivate this cookie by clicking  here; rest assured that deactivation will in no way hamper your use of our site.

Cookie management

  • You can choose whether to accept or block cookies through your browser settings.
  • All major browsers allow users to choose their cookie settings. Below are links to instructions for managing and deleting the cookies from some:
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  • Mozilla Firefox

For more information on the options available to restrict the use of cookies, please visit the following websites:

About us

Who we are

Vertic aims to develop and consolidate relationships with entrepreneurs and managers of industrial and commercial companies over time, providing them with all the support both in operations of an extraordinary nature (including, when requested and or opportune, the activity of Chief Restructuring Officer ) that of improvement and or differentiation of competitive positioning.

In Vertic, some partners have gained important and long-standing managerial experiences in the Gaming and Betting business.

Our Mission

Our values

Our mission is to support companies (and its managers) in creating value for themselves and for shareholders, in order to guarantee their permanence and competitiveness in the market. To this end, we also make ourselves available, if appropriate or required, to perform roles, including responsibilities, in the Board of Directors, and project management Committeees (Steering Committeees).

Companies thrive when they can create a real economic value for all the stakeholders. However the value must be managed and preserved over time.

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